Rising from the Depths

Utilising Marine Cultural Heritage in East Africa
to help develop sustainable social, economic and
 cultural benefits

The Rising from the Depths network is funded for four years, 2017-21, by the UK Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) through the Arts and Humanities Research Council Network Plus scheme.

The Rising from the Depths Network is working in consultation with our Innovation Project teams to establish and manage the effects of Covid-19 on the Network. If your work in relation to Rising from the Depths has been affected, please email risingfromthedepths@nottingham.ac.uk or use our contact us page.

Innovation Projects

As part of the Network funding, we have £800,000 to fund a range of Innovation Projects.  These projects will fill the knowledge gaps that currently limit the way Marine Cultural Heritage (MCH) contributes to social, cultural and economic sustainable growth in Eastern Africa.


Rising from the Depths aims to identify how the tangible submerged and coastal Marine Cultural Heritage (MCH) of Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Madagascar, and its associated intangible aspects can stimulate ethical, inclusive and sustainable economic growth in the region, of benefit not only to building social cohesion and reducing poverty in individual states, but also in enhancing the value and impact of overseas aid in the maritime sector.

Maritime East Africa

The full potential and importance East African maritime heritage has not yet been realised. Critically, it is under threat from natural forces and climate driven coastal change as well as intensification in coastal and offshore development.


Rising from the Depths is a joint initiative led by the University of Nottingham, in collaboration with the Universities of Roehampton, York, Ulster, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Uppsala (Sweden), and Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique). We also have a wide range of international and in-region partners.

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