Ana Margarida Sousa Santos


Dr Ana Margarida Sousa Santos is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Life Sciences at Roehampton University. Ana has a DPhil in Social Anthropology from Oxford University. Her research investigates the historical construction of difference in northern Mozambique. Focusing on political conflict, her work explores how a shared, but differently understood, history and differing memories of the past become part of local discourses of identity and difference. This analysis brings into focus the volatile political environments in the wake of democratisation processes, and the part played by memory and history. Ana has extensive teaching experience at various institutions (Durham, SOAS, Roehampton, Oxford and Birmingham) where she taught core anthropology theory courses, as well as thematic and regional ethnography modules.


Dr Santos is  developing research in social memory and understandings of the past, and its relationship with maritime cultures in East Africa. She is also assisting to identify new potential areas of research, select four marine communities for PhD projects, and explore new opportunities and methods for protecting and utilising the marine cultural heritage along the coast of East Africa.