Documentation during reconnaissance.

Images from Mtwapa Beach Fieldwork

Wycliffe Omondi, PI of Mtwapa: Utilisation of Marine Cultural Heritage by a Multicultural Community shares images taken during his initial fieldwork at Mtwapa Beach:

The focus group and project team with Dr Solange Macamo (far left), Incassane

WITH Coastal Style Interviews in Katembe

Sarah Worden and Solange Macamo

Project Co-Investigator, Solange Macamo, has joined the WITH Coastal Style team during their interviews in Katembe.

Solange said: “I have joined the field work, in Katembe and I have learnt how to interview women there, for collecting  data about textiles. Women were proud to tell their life history related to textiles. There are both social and economic values associated to the textiles, as part of the marine cultural heritage,  specifically in Katembe. My role in the field was to help to translate whenever it was necessary.”

You can read the full blog on the visit here.

Coastal Hazards in Africa Conference Logo

Coastal Hazards in Africa Conference

Members of the Rising from the Depths Network might be interested in an upcoming conference being held in South Africa:

Coastal Hazards in Africa

October 2020 | Durban, South Africa

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together scientists and managers interested in African coastal zones in order to develop our understanding of these risks and hazards while considering the current state of coastal zones around Africa. Additionally, this meeting provides a platform to discuss and propose measures to address and manage these risks. Click here for the conference website. Submit abstracts by 29 February 2020.