Luciana Esteves


Dr Luciana S. Esteves research interests relate to natural and human-driven coastal change and associated effects on coastal vulnerability to flooding and erosion at time scales relevant to coastal management and policy applications. In recent times, her work has focused on managed realignment in the UK and Europe. She works closely with researchers and practitioners concerned with coastal management in Latin America, Africa and across Europe.


Dr Esteves will coordinate the project aspects related to coastal management alternatives to reduce the risk and vulnerability of coastal and maritime heritage to natural and human-induced coastal change. Coastal areas are becoming increasingly important in the development of East Africa due to growing investment in tourism, ports and new energy infrastructure. It is important to assess potential threats from these activities to the region’s cultural maritime heritage and how to mitigate them, with the longer term aim of establishing opportunities for local communities to benefit from their cultural maritime heritage. The project will investigate how coastal and marine heritage can create alternative sources of income and employment for local communities.