The Rising from the Depths Network has collated a selection of resources that could be of use to Network members. Have a resource that you would like us to add? Email it to


Discover the networks that are promoting studies linked to those in the Rising from the Depths Network:

Ocean Decade Heritage: Established to work alongside UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission to promote the social sciences and human dimension of the Ocean Decade

International Council on Monuments and Sites, International Committee on the Underwater Cultural Heritage: Promotes international cooperation in the protection and management of underwater cultural heritage

Maritime Archaeological Trust: As well as working on one of our innovation projects, the Maritime Archaeological Trust specialises in research, investigations and specialist techniques for the study of marine cultural heritage

GCRF Project Management Network: A resource created by the AHRC/GCRF Project Managers to help facilitate the administration of GCRF Network Grants

Centre for Marine Research (MARE): MARE is a research centre with contributors from across Europe. They run conferences, including “People and the Sea”

Ocean Past Initiative: A global research network for marine historical research

Honor Frost Foundation: The foundation promotes marine and maritime archaeology, with a focus on the eastern Mediterranean. they provide grants and scholarships, as well as hosting talks and disseminating publications

Marine Social Sciences Network: The Network’s aim is to facilitate knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary research around the social sciences and management of seas and coastlines

Nautical Archaeological Society: The Society aims to protect, record and research all forms of nautical  heritage through education, research and publication

UNTWIN: A UN Network for twinning Universities to promote research, training, information and documentation activities in the field of underwater cultural heritage

Research Projects

As well as our Innovation Projects, there are a variety of research projects that relate to the aims and objectives of Rising from the Depths. You can read more about them here:

MarEA: Maritime Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa: This Arcadia funded project looks to document and assess threats to maritime and coastal archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa. It is led by Innovation Project Co-I Dr. Lucy Blue and Network Co-I Dr. Colin Breen

MACHU: Managing Cultural Heritage Underwater is a EU Culture funded project that looks at making underwater cultural heritage accessible. The project has since finished but their website includes links to their document stores, Wrecks in Situ (a GIS Database of sites) and Wrecks in Documents (a searchable database of wrecks)

i-MareCulture: A project focused on raising public awareness of maritime cultural heritage through immersive technologies and underwater augmented reality

Marine Plastic: Danish research project looking at the use and management of plastic, to produce new management strategies for plastic pollution

MoBeCo: Project using novel remote-sensing data collection techniques to increase the efficiency of dredging operations at Beira, Mozambique.