Rosalie Hans


Rosalie Hans is a museum professional and researcher specialised in African museums and cultural heritage. Her interests range from understanding the role and relevance of the museum as an institution in society to multi-sensory engagement with objects. She submitted her doctoral research at the Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia in Norwich, United Kingdom on 30 April 2018. Her thesis investigates the ways in which independent museums in Kenya and Uganda are interpreting and developing the concept of the museum and the impact of local, national and international stakeholders on this process. Rosalie received her Master’s degree in Museum Studies from University College London in 2009. Since then, her experiences as a museum professional have included positions at the Museu Nacional de Arte in Mozambique, the National Museum in Sierra Leone, and the Horniman Museum and the British Museum Africa Programme in the United Kingdom.


As a Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Rosalie will be involved with scoping out marine cultural heritage in East Africa and investigate how heritage and development can and should be interlinked on the East African coastlines. She will also analyse how development methodologies such as Theory of Change can be used to measure impact in a marine cultural heritage context.