Annamaria La Chimia


Professor Annamaria La Chimia is a Professor of Law and Development at the School of Law University of Nottingham, and the Director of the Public Procurement Research Group (PPRG) a world-leading center of research on procurement law and policy. She is a member of the Transatlantic Food Assistance Dialogue (TAFAD) and of the European Association on Public-Private Partnership (EAPPP). She has worked as an expert consultant on procurement for the World Bank, for the German Department of Development Cooperation (GIZ), for the UK Independent Commission for Aid Impact (ICAI), the European Commission (DG Trade and DG Development), the Commonwealth Secretariat and the NGO ActionAid.

In Nottingham, she is the convenor for the LLM specialism in Law and Development, and she teaches international development at postgraduate and undergraduate level and for the pioneering Distant Learning Executive LLM Programme in Public Procurement Law and Policy.

Role within project

Annamaria will lead and coordinate the Development Law aspects of the research linking her expertise on development aid, public-private partnership and public procurement with those of the archaeologists, anthropologists, cultural historians and environmental scientists members of the team. She is especially interested in exploring issues linked to the privatization of foreign aid and the implications for coastal infrastructures, the effects of coastal development on fishing communities and food security and the role played by public and private donors in encouraging and designing law reforms linked to land, investment agreements and trade.