Cari Ballesteros


Dr Cari Ballesteros is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Faculty of Science and Technology at Bournemouth University. Cari moved to the UK from Spain in 2017 after completing her PhD in Coastal Risk Management, with a focus on multi-hazard risk assessment along the Mediterranean coast at different spatial and temporal scales. Cari holds Bachelor’s degrees in Marine Science and Environmental Science and a Master’s degree in Land Use Planning. This multi-disciplinary background is reflected in her research interests: coastal risk, climate change impacts, nature-based solutions, risk perception, mapping and GIS.


Cari is working to identify natural and human-induced hazards along the coast of East Africa and their impacts on marine cultural heritage, in all its forms. The aim is to better understand hazards and risk to coastal and maritime heritage through the development of a vulnerability index combining a range of environmental, climate and social indicators.