Shoring Up Marine Cultural Heritage: extending Madagascar’s ‘festival of the sea’ amongst the orphaned young of Lamu’s Anidan Children’s Shelter, Kenya

Project Description

This project innovates and consolidates the festival of the sea approach to reharbouring living marine cultural heritage in East Africa through the expressive participatory arts: specifically dance and modern craftwork. The approach will involve UK artists working alongside artists in East Africa (Kenya and Madagascar) to realise a living marine cultural heritage related festival project at a local coastal festival in Lamu (Kenya). UK and East African artists brought together in the Sainte Luce, Madagascar, project will work together to consolidate their practice and new networks of relations, and new modes and methods of practice in this participatory arts knowledge exchange set in Lamu, Kenya. They will complement existing sustainable development projects and local festivals, and engage with important local issues, namely: poverty, marine resource management, and social, gender and educational inequality. These will be addressed through the community around Anidan Children’s Shelter, using the expressive arts to develop local marine cultural heritage as a resource for personal and community resilience. The project will have a unique ‘festival of the sea’ contribution at Anidan that develops best practice from the ‘festival of the sea’ in Sainte Luce realised in June 2019 in Sainte Luce (Madagascar). The festival in Lamu (Kenya) will work with children on ‘food security’, ‘our living heritage’ and ‘a good life’ – using dance, cyanotype printing, mural art and the digital arts to develop resilience through a living marine cultural heritage.


Location: Kenya

PI: Jonathan Skinner (University of Surrey)

Co-Is: Corrie Wingate (Anidan Children’s Shelter), Anne Nderitu (Anidan Children’s Shelter)

Size: Medium