Study and implementation of network system by fishers’ community actor for the marine cultural heritage survival

Project Description

According to history, several ships were wrecked in the maritime territory of Madagascar. Some of them have already been located in the maritime area of ​​the South-West Region, particularly in the Salary Bay, of the rural district of Tsifota, such as the wrecks of Winterton (1792), Nossa Senhora do Carmo (1774) and the Surprise (1885), by a team that carried out prospecting missions. For a long time, these wrecks could be noted by the fishing people Vezo and it is quite possible that some villages would also contribute to the first looting of these sites. In this event, what will happen if the looting continues? From which, the choice of this research the main objective is to highlight the effective participation of the fishing community or the Vezo for the underwater cultural heritage survival in the Southwest Coastal Region. Thus, our problem arises around the question: How will ensure community-based participatory management, on what methods and on what principles can we adopt to develop and manage a network of community actors of fishermen, to safeguard the underwater cultural heritage whose development aim to improve the standard of living of the local population?

In carrying out this study, our approach is based on extensive bibliographic research, data collection, functional analysis of data and the numeric documentation of these wreckages. Thus, the social and cultural contexts constitute the framework favorable to the organization system of the fisherman vezo people are developed. Then, the organization and functioning of the actors working in the coastal area of the rural municipality of Tsifota are identified. Then, the contribution of marine sites to the development of ecotourism is observed; And finally, the network of actors at the level of the fishing community is set up.


Location: Madagascar

PI: RABEKOTO Andrinjarisoa Heritiana (Marovany Association)

Co-Is: Jeannette Faranirina (Marovany Association), Garry Momber (Maritime Archaeological Trust)

Size: Medium