Linking Rising from the Depths and the Honor Frost Foundation

The Rising from the Depths network is excited to announce the award of £178,749 funding from the Honor Frost Foundation to create two posts at the University of Edinburgh – a three-year PhD position and a two-year Post-Doctoral position. The funding bring two major marine initiatives together, the Rising from the Depths network (RftD) and the Honor Frost Foundation (HFF), to maximise the impact and reach of both.

A central aim of both RftD and HFF is to demonstrate to developers, policy-makers, NGOS and governments, the essential role that Marine Cultural Heritage (MCH) can play in ethical and sustainable coastal management and offshore development. The coastal areas of the eastern Mediterranean and eastern Africa share the same challenges: an increase in offshore development; intensified coastal infrastructural development; a background of political instability; and a lack of expertise and legal structures relating to MCH.

The PhD position will be advertised soon but we are thrilled to announce that the Post-doctoral position – the Honor Frost Scholar in Marine Cultural Heritage – has been filled by Dr Arturo Rey da Silva who starts at the University of Edinburgh this week.


Arturo running a UNESCO capacity building mission in Madagascar

Arturo is a maritime archaeologist and international cultural heritage expert who worked at UNESCO Paris as part of the Secretariat for the 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. He recently completed a PhD at the University of Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne looking at the institutionalisation of underwater archaeology within international cooperation schemes.

Arturo post-doctoral research over the next two years will involve analyzing the outputs and outcomes of the Rising from the Depths Network projects and applying this knowledge base to the Honor Frost Foundation work in the eastern Mediterranean. As well as the preparation of policy papers from RftD activity, Arturo will use this information to help build a clear strategy for the role of marine heritage in the sustainable development of the eastern Mediterranean coastal and marine zone.


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