PDRA Positions with the Rising from the Depths Network

The Rising from the Depths Network is hiring two Post-Doctoral Research Assistants to work with us in the final stages of the project.

The first role is a one year contract looking at monitoring and evaluation of the projects it is funding in East Africa. The PDRA will have specific responsibility for bringing the tools and methodologies used in the funded project together to create a coherent set of policy statements on how engagement with marine cultural heritage can enhance sustainable marine development strategies. These statements will ensure the lessons learned and successful approaches created by the network can be utilised by a range of marine stakeholders from heritage professionals and national governments to local communities and industry. This will involve working with research teams in the region to help identify and create links between the projects completed and funded to date. The candidate will also assist in running dissemination events and creating online content for the Rising from the Depths website. The full advert can be found here.

The second role is a two year contract, working alongside Rising from the Depths and the Honor Frost Foundation. From the start of the contract the researcher will work on HFF and RftD activity – helping to bring the contacts, lessons learned and outputs from the RftD network into an eastern Mediterranean setting and, in turn, building a clear strategy for the role of marine heritage in the sustainable development of the eastern Mediterranean coastal and marine zone. The PDRA will also help to organise workshops and events in the eastern Mediterranean and the UK linking the activities of the HFF and RftD and ensuring an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders in both regions. As well as identifying and consolidating the outputs and impact of the RftD funded projects, the PDRA will do the same for all funded HFF projects to help create a coherent policy statement on the overall impact of the HFF. Policy papers will be created on the essential role of Marine Cultural Heritage in sustainable coastal development; offshore infrastructural work; coastal management; climate change resilience; legislation; promoting tourism, and in creating viable income streams for local communities. The full advert can be found here.

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